Who am I?

Since I was a child, I have felt the push to try in my mind the meaning of the world and the sense of our being here, with the feeling to have already known it and to obtain its knowledge again. I tried and I tried, till when I was ten years old, I succeeded to cancel the "ego" (the “I” or self of any person, explaining with the words of the meditation, me then unknown) and to find to me there where beyond I could not be pushed, there where the memory was stopped, there where I felt the knowledge that beyond that wall the answer was found, an answer not to words, not to images, but to feelings, because pulled down that wall, I would have been participant together with the truth…

It was difficult to explain what I felt and to visualize it also in my mind.Why I write this between the personal information?
Because I believe that given this thought and this feeling of when I was small, have made chosen in the course of my life…And after to have obtained the bachelor in Physics, thinking that the science could explain all, I became account than the mathematical outline that filters the physical law (...) weights down the thought, not for its difficulty, but because it dims the inborn abilities of men to become compartecipe of all this that exists, of all this that happens, of as our inner world and that outside evolves…

The curiosity to know the world and to perceive the truth, has pushed to me to study Physics, always with the deep attempt of giving an answer to that it has happened to me when I was small,but when I began to discover to the quantic theory and the last theories on the active function that every senziente being has on the evolution of the world, is rendered me account than it has underrated the function of the mind and the emotions of the man, of the entire humanity, of the power of the man, and therefore on the fact that natural sciences and science of the mind (but more than other emotions - love), ARE TIED.

It's man who studies, It's man who feels, It's man who searches. “The MAN not only is IN the WORLD”, but also and rather “the MAN IS the WORLD”! Therefore we know already the answers, they are in us; we must only learn to recognize them and to take of conscience.

I am still in search, I have not complete answers, but beginning to feel within of me a different consciousness. It doesn't push to me to rinnegate and pulling down this that I have studied up to now and that continue to study, neither science in itself for himself (it has been able and can realize a lot!) and not to contrast the scientific method; simply I believe that man would have, (after obviously having taken conscience that can) to focus own energies on different processes of thought and not strictly based on logic, thus revealing new potentialities,…, you would see some of the beautiful ones! We have always said that we know thus little of same us, of our mind and heart… But they are the western ones to say it… The oriental world knew them “slightly” (for irony and essence) something in more…

Then let we inquire ourselves, let we read, let we search, let we study, with the mind freed from social, religious and conditionings, from scientific inertia, all this that the past offers to us. Let we try to think different, to reason different. Let we make it with critical eye, but open heart. Let we make it as men, trusting us this who we feel (the subject comes revalued) and we will find sure (is not a hope, but a certainty), features of union between newest science and the more ancient acquaintances.

To the scientist today: dedicate to this trade with the enthusiasm that marks the majority of the scientists, based on the curiosity, on the talent, on the beauty of the discovery; but don't transform that a lot refined scientific method in a ruotine to absorb, to learn thus well, but coldly, to freeze the free thought (the crib of new ideas), in order to obtain the wished place in the search, and only even to be accepted from the academic status; don't yield your mind to a praxis by now consolidated and instrumentalized…

Be brave, MEDITATES more, open new doors, pull down of it others, go beyond those mind processes of analysis, if you feel them crystallized within of you; if you already feel a new way, a new process within of you, don't repress it, do not have fear; it's not said that is not equally valid and efficient, it's not said that it cannot coexist with the precedence, but it's not even said that it is not positive and that does not overturn and does not take the place of the old one. Observe with new eyes since you participate to this that watches! We are in evolution, we accept the changes then! More than changes, discovery of our power, to be here and now and in conditioning this that permeates all and to be conditioned by it.

It continues…

I wished to offer you a picture of same me, not still completely clear, always capable of improvement… Naturally debatable!

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  1. Un profilo nel quale mi identifico moltissimo...
    Condivido TUTTO quello che hai espresso! Meditazione, analisi, ricerca, studio, curiosità, libertà di pensiero..vivere e sentirsi vivere, ascoltando ed ascoltandoci, osservando ed osservandoci senza paura di andare controcorrente, cristallizzando i nostri ed altrui pensieri, valorizzando idee..poi come dici tu 'L'uomo non è solo NEL mondo', bensì 'L'uomo E' il mondo!' :-)